Curbside recycling: No Place for Glass

Let’s talk glass. According to data, Americans dispose about 100 million metric tons of glass a year. Only about one-third gets recycled and it’s not because of any property or chemicals glass contains—it is 100% recyclable. It has an unlimited life. When it is crushed, melted down and mixed with sand and other simple ingredients, manufacturers can make lots of new equally-high quality glass products. Overall, we Americans do a crummy job of recycling our glass. By comparison, the Swiss and Germans, as well as other Europeans, recycle 90% of their glass, so there’s no reason why we can’t do better.

The EPA says that processing recycled glass is kinder to the environment. Re-used crushed glass is cheaper than the cost of raw materials, and it melts down faster. The best use of it is to make more glass bottles. Other glass products include: fiberglass, tile and flooring, countertops, bricks, match heads, abrasives, tarmac, concrete, reflective paint, and garden mulch.

To be recycled, glass needs to be separated from other recycleable materials and put into specially marked bins. The 4 colors of glass accepted are green, clear, brown and blue. Glass bins are located at the Recycle Utah Center and it’s always accepted to be recycled. In addition, there are 4 remote glass bins placed throughout Summit County for your recycling needs which you can find locations on the Recycle Utah website.

It is easy for residents to recycle their glass and we encourage all to do so and make it a habit. Keep it out of the curbside and bring it to Recycle Utah!