Creekside Academy Models Sustainability

One may wonder how a pre-school embodies sustainability into its existence. Why this is where it all begins for some! Creekside Kids Academy joined the Green Business program because of their desire to tighten their building and recycling practices but also because they wanted to enhance earth appreciation amongst their students. This special youth academy offers early learning, preschool, kindergarten and afterschool programs for children aged from birth to 12 years old.

The school is dedicated to our community and leaving a legacy of responsible, kind and community oriented individuals to protect our resources and each other. Their recycling is fine-tuned with Reduce and Reuse as the ultimate goal, their bulbs are LED and cleaners are eco-friendly. An idling campaign occurred when students held signs for drop-off and pick-up and food scraps are consistently collected from lunch and snacks, bagged and sent to a local farm for the kids to observe the reuse opportunities with the animals! Markers are also collected and sent to local school suppliers who recycle them. Such projects enhance the students’ understanding of protecting our resources and how they too can play a role.

Creekside Kids Academy provides a learning environment for small people with a big message.

Our homes and schools are where our life messages begin and Creekside Kids works hard to celebrate our environment by modeling ways to reduce waste, energy, water, chemicals, healthy eating and more. Recycle Utah is thrilled to have the Academy on board!

If your business, any type, is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698.