Compost Your Pumpkins with Wild Harvest Farms and Recycle Uta

The fate of the Halloween pumpkin on November 1st is a scary story. In the U.S. our favorite Halloween decoration creates more than 254 million tons of municipal waste in the landfills each November. As these smiling Jack O’ Lanterns decompose to a truly terrifying version of themselves they release methane gas into the atmosphere. Wild Harvest Farms, Recycle Utah and Park City Coffee Roaster are partnering to increase pumpkin composting in Summit County.

Wild Harvest Farms owner, Phillip James, is excited to be supporting this community in all landfill diversion efforts. “So far this year, we’ve helped divert over 350,000 lbs of food waste and 2.1m pounds of brown waste.”

Composting your pumpkins can provide vital nutrients back into the soil, saves water (by reducing evaporation in the soil), and reduces methane gas.

If you don’t have the ability to compost at your home Summit County Residents can bring their pumpkins to Recycle Utah or Park City Coffee Roaster November 1 – November 7th from 8:30am-5pm. Pumpkins need to be free of glitter, wax, candles, stickers, and any other decorations. Please do not dump pumpkins outside these hours. And, only pumpkins should go in the bins, no other food or yard waste.

Wild Harvest Farms will mix pumpkins in with their compost and use it for regeneration/reclamation projects and agriculture projects in the local community and region.

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