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Save Resources by Recycling Glass

Glass is one of the few materials that can be recycled endlessly, never losing its quality. Recycle Utah accepts all four colors of glass at our 24/7 drop-off center in Park City, as well as our four remote glass bins located throughout Summit County. Momentum Recycling in Salt Lake City processes all of the glass we collect. Here’s what happens to it:

Ecologically Artistic Artique

Artique, a quaint art exchange in Kamas, opened its doors in June 2011. The shop is run by local artists in a co-op fashion, with monthly events and shows. The owner creatively weaves sustainability into all she does already, at home and at work. The shop lights are LED, plastic is very rarely used, cleaning materials are green, recycling is maximized, and paper usage is minimized. Our creative juices needed tapping to discover what more Artique could do to benefit our environment. And it worked

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Got Milk?

Recently, many dairy consumers are transitioning to dairy-free products, such as almond and soy milk. This change is often initiated due to specific health reasons, but using dairy-free products also has a great impact on the environment. It would be beneficial for everyone to consider going dairy-free because of these reasons:

  • It takes more water to produce cow’s milk. 30 gallons of water produce one gallon of dairy milk, while 23 gallons of water produce one gallon of almond milk.

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Native Landscaping

Across the state, many people are starting to become more conscious about water consumption. Yards that were once covered in Kentucky bluegrass are now full of drought-tolerant plants, bark and rocks. While this is a huge step in the right direction, there is more that can be done to create a sustainable landscape at home with native plants:

  • Avoid Non-Native Plants: Many of the plants sold in nurseries, which are labeled: “drought-tolerant” or “water-wise,” are grow

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Park City Brewery is Eco-Committed

Park City Brewery evolved in 2014, when the Ray brothers from Kentucky discovered the need for a local manufacturing brewery in Park City. They corralled another brew-loving bro, along with a few friends, to join them in setting up shop. The three brothers, all environmental studies majors, not only wanted to brand their beers with the great outdoors, but also to weave sustainability into their day-to-day. Their first priority was to manage their “Mash and Trub” (spent grain, hops and yeast).

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Green Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung!  For most of us, that means it is time for that dreaded spring-cleaning. From tidying up to deep cleaning, it's time to recycle and responsibly dispose of the things you don’t need. Spring-cleaning is a chore, but look around your home and office to see how you can better set it up for easy recycling.  Whether you’re focused on de-cluttering or just want all your household surfaces to sparkle, you can create less trash along the way. Here are some tips:

Hazardous Waste Collection: Save Our Water

Did you know that nearly 2.4 million tons of hazardous waste are thrown away each year? Almost 75% of that hazardous waste ends up in our landfills. This is a huge issue, due to this hazardous waste taking up valuable space, hurting our water supply, and affecting the soil. This Saturday, Recycle Utah provides an option for proper disposal of hazardous waste items including:

Reduce Your Emissions at Home

Each weekend in the late spring and summer, 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using nearly 800 million gallons of gas per year. GLGE, or gas powered lawn and garden equipment, produces up to 5% of the nation’s air pollution. This includes household items like leaf blowers, trimmers, edgers, brush cutters, and snow blowers. These non-road emissions account for approximately 242 million tons of pollutants each year. Here are some facts you may not know about GLGE:

A Sustainable Grand Valley Bank

Grand Valley Bank’s motto is “friendly people with a personal approach to every customer.” The bank, which opened its doors in 2012 in Park City, is also locally owned, so the employees understand the needs of people in our community. Grand Valley Bank also understands the need to preserve our beautiful community, thus the reason to join the Green Business program. Yes, they recycle the basics of cardboard, paper, and plastics via a hauler, but they also take the extra step to transport elect

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