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A Culinary Delight … Then the Packaging

It’s been a long day, you’re tired and hungry and then you remember your meal kit! The recipe kit, the current craze amongst young and old, is oddly a twisted paradise. We at Recycle Utah hear and see both sides, “At last, I feel I can cook!” “My family cooks together!”  “It saves time!” But, then comes the waste.

Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Green Chef, Plated and others are the new culinary evolution o

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What the Styrofoam?!?

Did you find yourself swimming in piles of Styrofoam after all your holiday shipments arrived? So did we! So much so, that our trusty machine is taking a little while to get back up and running. As we see more purchases made online, the amount of shipping materials received at Recycle Utah is growing at an alarming rate. The amount of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), more commonly called Sytrofoam we received was greater than our capacity to process it this winter. In 2017, we accepted, handled, a

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Slaying the Seven Dragons

Mitigating climate change is different than other threats. There isn’t one perpetrator or solution, the effects aren’t evenly felt, and it happens too slowly for human eyes. Even when there are concerned citizens, this can cause psychological barriers that limit climate change mitigation, conversations and adaptation. Psychologists have identified several different areas of doubt and apathy - coined “The Dragons Of Inaction” by psychologist Robert Gifford

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PC Grocery Expresses Commitment

Park City Grocery Express opened doors in 2016 as a family owned business celebrating exceptional customer service, organic and seasonal foods and environmental stewardship. They differ from other online grocery shoppers. Not only do they prioritize high quality foods, but they also use reusable grocery bags, drive hybrid vehicles with same day delivery and combine shopping for multiple customers to save fuel. T

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Freeze That Heating Bill

As the temperatures drop, our heating bills go up. Don’t let the debate over where to leave the thermostat get too heated in your house.  We’re here to bust the most common household heating myth.

MYTHSetting your thermostat back when you leave the house during the winter won’t save you money. Any energy you saved when the thermostat was turned down will be lost because of the amount of fuel the furnace needs t

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Good Earth is Good For Park City

Good Earth Recycling is a custom recycle pick up service. Five years ago it changed hands and is now thriving as a three employee business collecting over 18 tons of recyclables in Summit County every month. Customer service is priority for businesses of all size in addition to private homes. The owner was raised by a conscientious mother near a polluted Chesapeake Bay. Not only did she recycle everything possible, but she endlessly cleaned litter and found ways to save energy. The perfect se

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2018: Your Greenest Year

Each year the staff at Recycle Utah sets new environmental challenges for the year. Little by little, a little becomes a lot and, these little changes we make in our daily lives have a big impact on our future environment.

Join us this year by picking one or two from our list.

Silver Star Ski & Sport focuses on Reduce

  Many of us are aware of the environmental impact of our daily actions. But how many of us truly act on our thoughts? This is the direction Silver Star Ski and Sport (SSS & S) strives for as a business. The small ski & bike shop, tucked away in the Silver Star business park, opened doors in 2008 with a focus on customer service. Since joining Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, the focus on sustainability is rising in rank. Yes, they Recycle lots: paper, h

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