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Ski Butlers Serves our Mountains

The brainchild of Bryn Carey, Ski Butlers was conceived in 2004 in a garage in Park City. The successful business now has 18 locations, serving over 44 resorts in North America and Europe. This unique ski rental delivery service reserves passion for their customers, partners, and team members, but also for the mountains. Snow and climate change, the ubiquitous connection, have remained in the forefront of every business decision from the beginning for Bryn. Read More

Reduce Food Miles by Buying Local

A “food mile” is the distance food travels from where it is grown to where it is consumed. When we buy food that was grown halfway around the world, pollution increases substantially, which contributes to climate change and unhealthy air quality. Here are some ways to reduce your food miles:

  1. Buy Local: Buying local helps ensure your food isn’t traveling a long distance to get to you, and also helps support our local Utah farmers. Farmer’s markets and CSAs are a grea

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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Garage clean-out time has arrived! Items like paint, fertilizers, and cleaners need to be disposed of properly, which means never putting them in your trash, sink, or toilet. When household hazardous waste (HHW) ends up in the landfill, they can leach into our precious ground water. Here’s what to do with HHW in Summit County:

  1. Take it to the Summit County Three Mile Canyon Landfill in Wanship. Their HHW area is open for free drop-off 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday.
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The Effects of Styrofoam

One of the most commonly used to-go container and packaging material is Styrofoam. Although this product is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use, it causes detrimental effects on our environment. Styrofoam is made of polystyrene, which is comprised of non-renewable petroleum. Therefore, it can only be recycled at certain recycling centers. Recycle Utah will take thick white packing foam from packaging boxes and packing peanuts, but cannot take thin polystyrene. In fact, only 10-12% of polys

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Car Wash or Hose?

What is the most eco-responsible way to wash your car? It depends. If your commitment to the hose involves a bucket, sponge, elbow grease and biodegradable soap, then the hose may win. If not, then your local carwash wins the draw. Read on for information on how to choose wisely:

  1. Carwash Type: Carwashes, either stationary, conveyer, or self-serve, use on average 15-70 gallons/water per vehicle, depending on the type. Stationary usually uses the most, with self-serve

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A Sustainable Windy Ridge

The Bill White Restaurant Group opened the Windy Ridge Café in 2002. Known for Its comfort food and relaxed ambiance, Windy Ridge Café is a Parkite favorite that is beloved by many and here might be some of the reasons why:

  • Windy Ridge Café works closely with Bill White Farms to bring local food to their customer’s table. Produce and meat come directly from the two Summit County farm sites whenever possible, and all food waste from kitchen preparations gets composted bi-weekly at th

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Sustainable Air Travel

Airplane travel comes with a hefty carbon footprint. Today’s volume of air travel is not keeping up with aircraft innovations such as biofuel blends, fuel efficiency and weight reduction, improved design, routing, or even emission regulation. However, there are options to relieve your eco-conscience. Here are some ways to mitigate your impact:

  • Carbon Offsets: If available through your airline of your choice, carbon offsets programs are designed to balance your fligh

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The MARC, Mindfully Green

Park City’s Municipal Athletic and Recreation Center (PC MARC) evolved after the city purchased the privately owned Racquet Club in 1987. After an extensive renovation in 2011, the state-of-art facility officially became the PC MARC. Not only does this treasured center provide exceptional programs and services, but is also a nugget of sustainability behind the scenes. The PC MARC is the first city building to display rooftop solar panels and also has the largest solar array in Summit County.

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2017 100 Mile Meal Producer Feature: Utah Natural Meat & Milk

This August 12, Recycle Utah invites you to celebrate Summit County’s local food, farms, and economy by joining us at our 2nd Annual 100 Mile Meal. We will be getting back to our roots on a private ranch in Oakley with live music, local wine and beer, and a five-course dinner menu featuring only ingredients sourced from farms within a 100-mile radius of the Recycling Center in Park City. The 100 Mile Meal will be a veritable banquet of good feeling, Summit County community, and mid-summer countr

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