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A Sustainable Soaring Wings

Children learn best in an environment that supports their unique development style. Soaring Wings International Montessori School, since 1987, fosters development through academics as well as exploratory outdoor learning. Best yet, this educational paradise off Hwy 224 that provides a comprehensive science-based education for infants through 6th Read More

Greening up your Green Thumb

Quick! What is the second driest state? If you guessed Utah, you are correct. What months do Utahns use the most water? If you guessed summer, you’d be correct. With a few easy water saving tips we can ensure our gardening practices are as green as possible, even if our thumbs aren't. We chatted with Sophy Kohler, owner of Park City Nursery for some tips o

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Slaying the Limited Cognition Dragons: Part Five

Slaying The Limited Cognition Dragons: Part Five By Celeste Butts Climate change is unlike any other threat. A single person does not cause it, and its affects can take years to see.  We tend to rationalize the problem in ways that limit reality. For example, this threat isn’t traditional like a bear in the woods. Our brains don’t respond well to distant threats, creating an “ancient brain” dilemma. The species in this Limited Cognition dragon are ways our

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Park City Ice Arena Skates to Efficiency

The Park Ice Arena opened doors in 2006 as a year-round ice facility owned by Park City Municipal.  It is home to skaters, hockey players and curlers. Our local arena understands the demand on energy, gas and water to create these indoor programs. The city has aggressive goals for city operations to be NetZero by 2026, and Arena operations are working to align with those goals.

First, staff chose to

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We Can All Make a Difference

By David Nicholas

On Saturday, May 12th Recycle Utah will sponsor their spring Park City cleanup event. This provides an opportunity for all of us to give back to our town by picking up trash discarded by thoughtless others.

Years ago, during high school, I worked as a cashier at the local A&P. Dominic, the store manager, instilled in all of us the importance of first impressions and making a dif

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Slaying the Limited Behavior Dragons: Part Four

The next Dragon of Inaction (Limited Behavior) happens when our positive efforts are minimal or justification for climate-negative behavior. These actions are ultimately shortsighted because they focus only on individual actions and consumption.  For example, taking a shorter shower will not restore the depleted aquifers when ~90% of our water is used by industry and agriculture. This species is called “tokenism”.

Sometimes our actio

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Top Shelf Going Green

Green beer is always an option, accompanied by a commitment to sustainability. Top Shelf Professional Bar Services goes the distance to provide fun, memorable and now Green events for their clients. Around now for ten years they service fundraisers, festivals, weddings, corporate events and more.

Top Shelf has worked ardently to expand their recycle program at the office and at events, train new sta

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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again, the time for spring cleaning! Cleaning products are often filled with numerous chemicals that can harm our water and air. The average home contains as much as 25 pounds of toxic cleaning products!

Chemicals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia and chemicals are considered the worst environmental hazards in household cleaners. In addition, nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia can be extremely dangerous

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Slaying the Ideologies Dragons: Part Three

By Celeste Butts

Various types of inaction have manifested in our efforts to mitigate climate change. Recognizing these barriers will foster constructive communication and compassion in the face of apathy. The third dragon is the Ideologies Dragon. These are umbrella-like beliefs that perpetuate climate-negati

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