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Green Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family, but can also be detrimental to our environment if you don’t plan accordingly. Here are some tips to make your holiday more eco-friendly: 1. Shop Smart: When buying food for the holiday, choose local and organic items when possible. This reduces how far the food had to travel, and keeps harmful chemicals out of your food and the environment. Choose products that have recyclable packaging or minimal packaging to reduce the waste from

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Double Your Dollar with Matching Grants

Recycle Utah is thankful to the following supporters for helping us reach our Live PC Give PC goals this year. Double your dollar when these matching grants go live by donating here.  And, keep an eye out on Friday for those magical Power Hours that make your dollar go even further. Matching Grants THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH Starting at 4pm - $5000 matched from Jane and Timothy Sullivan FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9t

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Compost Your Pumpkins with Wild Harvest Farms and Recycle Uta

The fate of the Halloween pumpkin on November 1st is a scary story. In the U.S. our favorite Halloween decoration creates more than 254 million tons of municipal waste in the landfills each November. As these smiling Jack O’ Lanterns decompose to a truly terrifying version of themselves they release methane gas into the atmosphere. Wild Harvest Farms, Recycle Utah and Park City Coffee Roaster are partnering to increase pumpkin composting in Summit County.

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A Haunted World Without Recycling

It was a dark and hazy evening. Goblins, princesses and clowns creeped their way through blowing plastic bags and banging metal cans as they made they're way from house to house. It is a spooky world without recycling. The air is thick and poisons our lungs. In a world without recycling we are constantly pumping more pollutants into the air to make new products instead of recycling them.Read More

Red Bicycle Naturally Kneads

By Mary Closser

Have you ever had a single bite of Red Bicycle bread without needing a second, then third? Their bread is impressive – and so is their business. Since 2007, this small group of bread artisans has been delivering their unique breads to the Park City area, occasionally on a Red Bicycle, and now the Salt Lake Valley. What may be unknown about Red Bicy

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Paper Towels or Hand Dryer?

By Megan Nick

The question we’ve all been wondering, are paper towels or hand dryers better for the environment? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that clear. Paper towels and hand dryers both have their fair share of pros and cons.

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What Makes a Golf Course Green?

By: Joshua Meyers

Golf courses have potential to drain and damage our environmental resources, but there is good news. Many golf courses across the nation are aiming for sounder environmental choices. Read on to learn of the interesting changes starting to occur.

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