Alf Engen Museum Ecologically Dedicated

By Mary Closser

Alf Engen was not only credited for developing the technique of powder skiing and the Alta Ski School, but also with assisting to create numerous ski areas in the west. Our local museum carefully chose Alf as its namesake with the desire to preserve the rich heritage of ski history in the Intermountain Region. Additionally, behind the scenes, the museum is committed to a lot more!

The Alf Engen Museum located in the Utah Olympic Park is dedicated to day-to-day sustainability. One may ask, what would that include – just what can a museum do to be environmental? A lot. All exhibit materials and signage are saved and reused as much as possible. Procurement is sustainably scrutinized to prevent excessive incoming waste and smart choices. Everything possible is recycled including all electronic-related waste, bulbs are being switched to LED, and most paper and packaging products contain post-consumer recycled content. Cleaning materials are non-toxic and washable/reusable versus disposable. Transportation incentives are offered to staff who choose to bus, bike or carpool up the hill verses driving alone and bottled water is no longer offered at meetings.

Recycle Utah’s Green Business program is designed to spark sustainable curiosity and actions. Such actions can involve waste, water, energy, procurement, transportation, food, communication and more. Alf Engen Museum is one of the smaller Green Businesses, though very committed – Alf would have been proud.

If your business, any type, is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698 x13.

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