A Volunteers Perspective

A Green Tip from a beloved volunteer. It’s the time of giving and showing we care. The time of hope and good cheer. This season, let’s give all this good stuff to our planet. I think we should have given more of it last year, 5 years ago, 20, 50, 100 years ago. Let’s give our cardboard, paper (minus ribbon and staples), metal, glass, plastic, batteries, corks, sneakers, bike tires, old cell phones, computers and TV’s, and unused stuff that works to a recycling center. Let’s give a donation to whatever organization we know could use our help with their environmental work.

Let’s show we care for the planet we and our children and their children, and generations to come live on, because after all, it’s home, it’ll be their home and we want everyone to be safe and comfortable; to thrive.  Let’s show we care for the air above by thinking of ways to drive our combustible engine cars less, to ride transit, bike, walk, carpool and combine trips more. It will be “their” air, too.

Let’s hope we can make a difference as individuals and realize our chances are even better, if we do it together. Let’s hope that if we demand sustainable policy from our leaders, through our rallies, letters, and our vote they will enact it.