A Modern Day Townshend’s Tea & Coffee

Townshend’s Tea & Coffee House set up shop in 2017 and there’s no looking back. This quaint and cozy hang out not only serves loose leaf teas, chai, coffee, kombucha on tap and bubble (boba) tea, but they engrain sustainability in all they do as a modern business in a modern era. 

First and foremost, the eco-minded company diligently recycles everything possible, including compostables and related by-products such as tea leaves, coffee grounds and paper towels. Their compostables get sewn into local soil at local farms which will eventually produce herbs for Townshend’s to purchase. Soon, they hope to offer compost workshops for the public. 

The Tea House works closely with vendors to minimize incoming waste and they also incentivize customers who bring their own mugs – and those who bike, walk, take the bus or carpool to their shop. They watch their heat and AC temps closely, adjusting them for comfort but also maximized efficiency when premises are vacant. They also strive to use sustainable cleaning products, compostable to-go cups and containers, or even better offer to have your beverage and food to stay and use their mugs, plates and silverware.  

The community-minded tea and coffee house treats sustainability as a core value but also because it makes their hearts happy. They feel every small step can go a long way in our fragile world and they welcome their staff and customers in their journey. Recycle Utah is delighted to celebrate this sincere and committed business. 

If your business, any type, is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698 x13.