A Haunted World Without Recycling

It was a dark and hazy evening. Goblins, princesses and clowns creeped their way through blowing plastic bags and banging metal cans as they made they’re way from house to house. It is a spooky world without recycling. The air is thick and poisons our lungs. In a world without recycling we are constantly pumping more pollutants into the air to make new products instead of recycling them.  For example, it takes 95% more energy and 40 additional barrels of oil to create an aluminum can than it does to recycle one.

Ghosts and plastic bags float through our neighborhood streets. Plastic bags litter the road as they escape the garbage truck on their way to the landfill. A world without recycling is filled with monster piles of trash, goblins made of garbage and poisoned streams bubbling over. With nothing being diverted from the landfills we are quickly running out of space to play and live. The mountains we climb are now made of discarded clothes, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. It is a terrifying world without recycling.

How do we ensure our future isn’t spooky?

Reduce consumption. Replace single use items with things like metal straws, bamboo silverware and reusable coffee cups. 

Reuse items: Shop consignment for your next spooky Halloween Costume or special event outfit. 

Recycle: Recycle Utah takes over 50 items seven days a week and curbside pick up takes your hard plastics, paper, cardboard and metal, yet about 80% of what Americans recycle is sent to the landfill. 

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