A Beloved Community Partner

Park City Community Foundation plays a vital role in solving our community’s most challenging problems.  They bring together local non-profits, caring donors and community leaders to contribute financial resources and innovative ideas to benefit all the people of Park City. Fortunately, sustainability always makes their focus list amongst many other important areas. Recently, the Community Foundation launched the Park City Climate Fund which nurtures high-impact climate change projects in our community.

Staff at the Community Foundation believe in “walking their talk.” They enthusiastically joined the Green Business program with a primary goal to challenge staff to drive less and recycle more. Staff recorded their travel each week via bus, bike, foot or carpool. They also set up a schedule for their team of eleven to rotate trips to Recycle Utah and soon they will start composting.  

Energy efficiency is a priority with LED bulbs, programmable thermostats and sensible temperatures. Communications, newsletters and receipts are primarily electronic to avoid paper and when it is used, it’s from post-consumer recycled content. Catered foods are served on bamboo versus paper or plastic and in house cleaning materials are primarily vinegar. Plastics are avoided as much as possible – mugs and glasses are the replacement. Lastly, all events are as sustainable as possible using Recycle Utah’s 100 Mile Meal as a model.

Park City Community Foundation’s collaborative giving and action helps create a caring community and extraordinary place to live, work and play. Recycle Utah is grateful to be their partner and appreciate their dedication to our environment.

If your business, any type, is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698.