2017 100 Mile Meal Farm Feature: Mountain View Mushrooms

This August 12, Recycle Utah invites you to celebrate Summit County’s local food, farms, and economy by joining us at our 2nd Annual 100 Mile Meal. We will be getting back to our roots on a private ranch in Oakley with live music, local wine and beer, and a five-course dinner menu featuring only ingredients sourced from farms within a 100-mile radius of the Recycling Center in Park City. The 100 Mile Meal will be a veritable banquet of good feeling, Summit County community, and mid-summer country charm, with the spotlight on food with a Utah story.

To reserve tickets to the 100 Mile Meal, click here.

What’s the motivation for breaking into the Utah mushroom business? For the folks at Mountain View Mushrooms, its their commitment to providing safe, fresh, and high quality product to the Utah community. Located in Fillmore, Utah since 1981, Mountain View Mushrooms is the flagship for mushrooms in Utah. They grow and distribute Portabella, White, Oyster, and Crimini mushrooms throughout the state.

The nature of mushroom cultivation is inherently good for the environment. Brenda Barney, sales manager at Mountain View Mushrooms, says that nutrient-dense byproducts including wheat straw, alfalfa screenings, and beet lime, in addition to chicken manure, are paramount to the successful growth of their mushrooms. The “spent” compost is in turn sold to local farmers and gardeners to supplant engineered fertilizers.

Mountain View Mushrooms has a sustainability mission that encompasses every facet of their operation. Product packaging is made from recycled content when possible; electronic controls are in place throughout the growing rooms that have reduced electricity usage by 10% and natural gas usage by 8%; and runoff water from the mushrooms is sold to companies who use it in health drinks (the runoff water from mushrooms is nutrient-dense because mushrooms store airborne nitrogen)!

We are excited to be able to feature Utah mushrooms on the menu at the 100 Mile Meal. For an opportunity to speak with a representative from Mountain View Mushrooms, join us at our 100 Mile Meal on August 12!

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